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Attorney Cottone has represented thousands of buyers, borrowers and sellers in residential and commercial real estate transactions primarily in Hartford and Tolland Counties. He also represents most lenders, whether it is a small, local bank, a national institution, a mortgage company or a lender you found on the internet. It is especially important to engage his services very early in the process when the real estate transaction does not involve a real estate agent or broker.




Everyone should have a Will. Why? So your estate passes on to whomever you wish instead of Connecticut law dictating where it goes. If you have minor children, you need a Will for the above reason, but more importantly, your Will should designate a guardian who will raise and care for your child(ren). Also, you might want to establish a Trust for the benefit and protection for your minor child(ren). Other estate planning tools to consider include a Power of Attorney and a Living Will.



If you’ve lost a loved one, you probably want to finalize his or her estate quickly. However, because of Connecticut’s complex probate court system, it is likely that you will need assistance with this process. During this difficult time, you can rely on us to help you finalize the estate and complicated forms and tax returns. We are very experienced in this area.




Have you been injured or become disabled? If so, don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of by insurance companies or other parties. You need to arm yourself with good information and strong representation if you want to overcome the legal obstacles that can get in the way of any possible monetary recovery. Let us help you protect your rights and pursue your case to the fullest extent.


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